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 "I know how to stand and fight to the finish, twist and lunge on the War-god's deadly lance." - The Illiad

A battle scarred gnome hovers in the shadows surrounding your campfire.  Not knowing if he is friend or fiend, you reach for your sword, only to find that he has taken it sometime during his dance in the firelight.  He cackles gleefully and rushes forth, knocking you back as you scurry to your feet, crouching beside you with merry eyes and a crooked smile.  You find yourself holding your breath as he begins to speak....

"Peace my friend, I intend no harm.  I only come to bring you of a new beginning.  They have come...foretold by the ancients, the void has called forth Validus Filiolus.  Don't look so puzzled my friend, you have not heard of them yet, but you will...very soon.  Forged in the heat of battle, their swords rain fire and destruction upon any opponent, and their magic is parallel to none in Norrath.  Weak men see them and tremble, but brave men hear their battle cry and lift their swords to join the ranks of the mighty gods themselves.  Do you hear their call?"

And with a wink and a grumbling about gnomish candies, the little gnome is gone, leaving only a lingering silence in his wake. 

So brave friend, do you hear the call of Validus Filiolus?
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Progression Update

OliviyaVF, Jun 20, 10 8:53 PM.
Currently Validus Filiolus is working on Void E progression for our members.  We have given our members until July 14th to become Void E flagged as well as level 81+.  At that time, we will be making this a requirement for recruiting. 

Please note that the guild will also be incorporating Anguish raids for 2.0 clickies and UF progression. 

Guild raid nights have been set to Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 7:30pm cst, except on holidays or Sony Exp events. 

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

OliviyaVF, Jun 20, 10 2:03 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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